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Paperback baby

It is my plan to write a weekly blog, on Fridays. Opinions, thoughts, and writing excerpts. That said, all I can think of this week is that next week on Thursday the 5th May, the paperback edition of my debut novel The Broken Pane will be out and there will be a launch at Waterstones Edinburgh West End. The Big Waterstones on the main shopping street of the capital! Thrilling beyond words. I am a little nervous, of course, anyone would be, but in an excited buzzy can't wait for it way.

And then just two days later, I'll on the Douglas Bruton Introduces panel at Aye Write, Glasgow's Book Festival. I'm equally as excited for that. My children have said "It's not like it's your birthday party, Mummy!" but I'd say I'm probably exuding an equally intense energy about it all right now!

If you'd like to come, which would be wonderful, the details are on my events page. Go on, you know you want to come!

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