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Tomorrow is my paperback launch - there are some tickets left, you should totally come 6pm Waterstones Princes St Edinburgh, but I am already looking to my next novel. I don't have a working title for it yet, so it resides in my laptop as "MS - Novel2", which is a bit of a lie as there are two other novels in there, but both fantasy and while I've enjoyed the world building process for those, I haven't found the story. No doubt I'll come back to those.

"MS Novel 2" is the story of Lucy. She's just been through a really tough time, and her friends would like to help her get back on her feet. Sounds pretty straightforward right? But you know me. I'm going to dig down into her memories, past relationships. There's trauma and depression, but there's also light on the horizon, and we're going to spend some time with her on this journey. I have also written a note on my plans at some point that just says "Dead sheep in the sea!". No idea what that's about.

For now, here's a wee poem I wrote this week:


You give me flowers

I take the vase from the shelf,

Wash off the dust

Cut the unnecessary

Arrange, and re-arrange

Protect them from the cat

And the sun

Set them on display

The petals turn brown

I tend

I tend

I pick up fallen leaves

Brown leaves

Dead stems thrown out I wash the vase

And wait for you to take out the bin.

Charlie x

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