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Charlie Roy

Writer - Fiction & Poetry

Welcome to my official website.

As a prolific writer, my mission in life is to tell stories of all kinds. Take a look through the site to find everything from my latest work to past projects.

As well as writing novels and poetry, I am an educator, an editor, a publisher and a PR specialist. If you are interested in working together, please contact me.



Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm the author of THE BROKEN PANE.

I have performed at the BBC Slam, the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. In prose as in poetry, my work focuses on women’s lives, mental health and family. I was born in London, but went to a French school and grew up in Spain, eventually trading the sunshine for Scottish wind, making Edinburgh my home with my partner and children. I drink too much coffee and love long beach walks with my labradoodle.

Please get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. 

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The Broken Pane

01 October 2021

I am extremely happy and excited to share with you my debut novel The Broken Pane, published by Leamington Books. Walking the line between reliable memory and unreliable narrator, The Broken Pane invites you to consider whether you are shaped by your past ― or if you shape your past yourself?


The Broken Pane

"The memories I had built exploded. As the debris landed, my mind grasped at the facts."



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